The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the governing body of the church. It sets the policies and oversees the operations of the church, including worship and outreach. 

A group of people standing in a sunlit room
Left to right: Front Row: Cathy Collins, Helen Riess, Darcy Fuguet, Rev. Stephanie May, Nancy Olson, Susan Patrick, Ellie Miller; Back Row: Barbara Martin, Mary Ellen Normen, Mary Collins, Peter Banos, Miriam Coe

Members of the Standing Committee are elected by the congregation for a three year term. (Terms are staggered, with four members elected each year.) In addition to the elected members, there is one ex-officio member, the Treasurer of the Society. 

2023 – 24 Standing Committee Members

Barbara Martin, Chair
Cathy Collins  
Nancy Olson 
Peter Banos     
Darcy Fuguet    
Helen Riess            
Mary Collins      
Ellie Miller  
Miriam Coe
Susan Patrick
Mary Ellen Normen, Treasurer