Exterior First Church Boston

First Church in Boston is the oldest church in Boston, established in 1630, but after a church fire in l968, we built the newest and most innovative church structure in Boston. In this sense, we are a living symbol of Unitarian Universalism— sensitive to the past, but not bound by that past. We respect tradition, but we seek religious truth that reveals itself in the future, not the past.    

We are a vibrant, vital urban church, seeking to meet the needs of people today, who might be a little suspicious of organized religion, but still feel a spiritual longing and a need to connect with others who feel the same way. We wish to reach individuals and families wanting a faith that is alive and open to all world religions. 

We are a congregation that wants to be the friendliest church in Boston, warm and inclusive—yet we take seriously the need to challenge our members with the issues that confront us, both personal and for our whole society. We do not bemoan these challenges, but work together to answer the problems of our time with hope and inspiration. We are determined to make a difference.