Add your talents, work with others and connect on one of First Church Boston’s committees. 

Archival Task Force

The Archival Task Force researches the history of First Church Boston, organizes the archives, writes histories of the church for the website and other publications, and presents special exhibits for the enjoyment and edification of church members and visitors.

Heather Campbell, poet at art exhibit

Art Committee

The Arts Committee is responsible for the exhibits in the narthex, which quite often include a talk by the artist and reception. It also arranges for special performances or workshops that are held at the church.

Campaign Against Gun Violence

The Campaign Against Gun Violence is a sub-committee of the Social Justice Committee that provides information to the congregation and participates in events related to anti-gun violence.

Canvass Committee
The Canvass Committee conducts the annual fund drive to ensure that members of the congregation contribute as they are able to support the running of the church.

Gardening Group

The Gardening Group assists the Building and Grounds Committee with the maintenance of the church garden, adding seasonal plantings and decorations to the exterior of the church.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to build the membership of the church and assists new members to become active participants in the church.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee develops and presents nominees for a slate of candidates for offices (Treasurer, Clerk, delegates to the UUA General Assembly, and other elected committees) and at at the First Church Boston Annual Meeting.

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is an elected group of people from the church that act as the governing body of the church.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee ensures that all parts of the Sunday Service run smoothly. They supply periodic assistance for special services and consult with the ministry staff on the content, flow and overall experience of worship.