Standing on the side of LOVE

Whether you are a newcomer or a visitor, we invite you to attend any of our Sunday worship services, musical events or programs. 

As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, ours is a religion that cherishes freedom of mind and conscience, affirms the worth and dignity of every person, and cares for the world. We seek inspiration from lived experience, from both ancient wisdom and modern thought, and from music and the arts. We seek to live our faith through service and action.

Our members come from many religious backgrounds and none at all.  We like to ask questions and engage in thoughtful discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

As a community of independent spirits, we sustain religious community, not with a dogmatic creed, but through a living covenant, a promise we make together in the hope of fuller life and a more just, loving and sustainable world. 

Our building is accessible to all by ramps, has handicap-accessible bathrooms, an elevator to reach our Hale Chapel and two handicap parking spaces outside the church.

Join us for worship, wonderful music, and opportunities for connection. We look forward to welcoming you.