Newcomers at First Church Boston

Who Are We? 

If you are new to First Church or are considering visiting us, you’ve found the right place for information about us.  We warmly invite you to any of our services, programs, or special events and classes–it’s a great way to begin making connections. We have long been a congregation comfortable with questions, spiritual exploration, and the free search for personal meaning.  Then we live the challenge to enlarge and strengthen that search in the midst of open religious community. Our congregation welcomes people from all faiths. 

We are committed to diversity in all of its meanings–across race, age, economic status, class, and most of all, across creedal lines.  We have members from a wide range of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Humanist backgrounds–all are welcomed, and encouraged to find the meaning of their lives in the common work of mercy, justice and acts of love. We are a Unitarian Universalist congregation, finding our true center in Deeds, not Creeds.

We are committed to

+offering a sanctuary in the city for spiritual friendship and hope

+finding ways to nurture and strengthen ways to help heal our world

+using music, prayer, and innovative services to grow and enlarge our vision

+offering our hands in welcome, work and common effort–to serve