Piano at First Church Boston

At our Sunday morning services, we create a space for expressing thanks, feeling peaceful, listening for that “still small voice within,” and experiencing the challenge to live lives with commitment, compassion, creativity and clarity. We sing hymns, hear our professional choir, engage with talks from our ministers and members, and share quiet time in prayer and mediation.

Every Sunday Morning at 11:00, people holding a wide spectrum of beliefs and doubts join together to raise their spirits and voices in thanks for the life we have been given. It is our intent to create vivid, compelling messages, even with a touch of humor, to challenge and to comfort those in worship. We take people’s spiritual journeys seriously, but not ourselves!

As people of free faith, we find a narrow concept of ‘God’ too small and confining—but we whole-heartedly open ourselves to the Holy, the essence of all that is and will be. We are, in this sense, not nay-sayers but mystics. There is much about faith that is in the end unknowable—but may be readily experienced and shared.

Starting on Sunday, March 15, we plan to be streaming live video in addition to our usual WERS audio broadcast. The details (and hopefuly, production quality) will be subject to change. The streamed broadcasts will be available for viewing through links on our Live-Broadcast Page.

Upcoming Services