“I’m Running for President”

Head shot of a man, Ken Reeves, with a white shirt and tie.

Our speaker this morning, the Rev. Ken Reeves, will announce his candidacy for President of the United States. His may be a short-lived campaign. He has no name recognition and no campaign strategy, but he does have a campaign slogan: “Support.” He also has a vision for his leadership of America.

The Rev. Ken Reeves, Ph.D., is an ordained minister and clinical psychologist. He has been guided by and has studied systems theory as a minister and psychologist, and has taught systems theory at theological seminaries. He has an M.Div. and served congregations for nine years. He also has a Masters in Pastoral Counseling and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.


Order of Service

Sunday, June 25, 2023
Rev. Ken Reeves, guest minister

Service musicians: Keith Eric Brinkley, baritone

and Larry Thomas Bell, pianist

Prelude   Gymnopédies no. 1               Erik Satie (1866-1925)                   

Welcome and Opening Words                                                       

Opening Hymn   No. 118  This little light of mine

Chalice Lighting                                                                               

First Church Boston Affirmation                                                

Love is the spirit of this church, and Service its law.
This is our great covenant, to dwell together in peace,
to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.


Sharing of Joys and Concerns

Musical MeditationThe Negro Speaks of Rivers                                                       Larry Bell (b. 1952)

from Water Music, (op. 136)

Based on a poem by Langston Hughes (1901-1967)

Keith Eric Brinkley, baritone

Larry Bell, piano

Sermon reading The Preamble of the Constitution

Sermon Hymn No. 121   We’ll build a land

Sermon    “I’m running for President!”                 Rev. Ken Reeves

Call to the Offering

Offertory Deep River arranged by H.T. Burleigh (1866 – 1949)

Old Negro melody arranged by H.T. Burleigh (1866 – 1949)

Doxology                                                        OLD HUNDREDTH

Closing Hymn  America the Beautiful – lyrics included

Extinguishing the Chalice

We extinguish this flame, but not the light of truth, the warmth of community or the fire of commitment.

These we carry in our hearts until we are together again.

Postlude Prelude and Fugue in c minor                           Larry Bell

from Twenty-Four Preludes and Fugues (Op. 156)