Throughout the winter months, Rev. Stephanie and others will host various casual, social events on Wednesday evenings. Each week will have a fun theme to encourage good conversation and, hopefully, new insights, skills, or experiences. From exchanging ideas for “fun” New Year’s Resolutions on January 3 to crafting, exploring guitars, to “sipping and seeking,” these events are a mid-week opportunity to connect with new and old faces in the community. No homework. No agenda. Events are free and open to all, even if you’ve never been to a service. Bring a friend or two to expand the circle of connection. Details for each Winter Wednesday can be found on the online calendar or via our weekly e-news.

"Winter Wednesdays" in purple and pink gradation header band with snowflakes


On most Winter Wednesdays, we will gather in the newly christened “Emerson Lounge. This is a new name for the “upper narthex” off the lobby and our main entrance. “Lounge” was actually the term used in the March 26, 1972, Order of Service for the first service held in the new building following the 1968 fire that destroyed the previous church. As you climb the few stairs into the Lounge, a bust of Ralph Waldo Emerson greets you. Dubbing the space the “Emerson Lounge” seems like a fitting nod to the man An off-white bust of Emerson wearing a bow tie and suit with vest, set in a dark brown architectural setting.who was once Minister of Second Church in Boston, a congregation that emerged out of First Church in 1650 and re-merged in 1970. The Emerson Bust was a gift of the Youth of Second Church in 1900 on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the church.

In the Emerson Lounge, you will also find newly revamped bulletin boards. One board continues to share the important work of the “Social Justice Community” at First Church Boston. Another board invites people into “Community Conversations” by asking a question based on the monthly theme as well as by making space for people to share their recommendations of books, movies, events, and more with others. The third board asks, “Did You Know?” Here you’ll find an assortment of information about First Church Boston, social justice, and more.

Winter can be a lonely time. We invite you to these weekly drop-in events as a way to spend some time with others. Do you have an idea for a Winter Wednesday? Please contact Rev. Stephanie.