Behind the scene this summer at First Church Boston

Over the summer a number of people have been working very hard on projects around our church, and we want to both acknowledge and thank them.

Susan Patrick and Nancy Olsen took on a huge project to repaint the hymn book holders. Javier Neyra and Dan Bash, our sextons, removed all the holders from the sanctuary chairs. Nancy and Susan researched and matched the original Rudolph red color before they painted them, then Javier put them back in place…A big job and great teamwork.

Two women smiling as they are painting boards and a man drilling to install the boards.
The team working to repaint and install church hymn book holders

— New carpeting has been laid down throughout the narthex and is coming soon in Hale Chapel, thanks to another big effort by Lew and Marilyn Gaffen. “Thank you” to Lew and Marilyn for overseeing this project!

— Repairs to the roof are in-the-works, which means no more leaks! For this major step, and for funding the new carpet, we say “thank you” to the Trustees of First Church Boston.

A ladder in the foreground and two men working on the roof

Thank you to all these people for the work they do around the church!