Young Adults First Church Boston

In 2012, a group of Boston area UU young adults launched a new community of worship and connection in relationship with First Church in Boston called The Sanctuary Boston. We worship twice monthly to experience that transcending mystery and wonder which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and in celebration of the community that gathers. We gather in community on off-weeks to grow in faith and friendship. We talk about what’s real in our lives: where we see awe and beauty, our relationship with justice and the spirit, our jobs or the jobs we wish we had, our families and friends, the big questions and the little joys.

Sanctuary worships are held first Wednesday evenings at First Parish in Cambridge and every third Wednesday evening here at First Church in Boston. For more information about this ministry of First Church in Boston, visit The Sanctuary Boston website.

We invite you to join a new and growing Small Group ministry that developed out of The Sanctuary Boston. Read more here.